About Us


Traditional manufacturer of Transformers for Instruments and Measuring Sets, BALTEAU is always present in the supply to electric power companies, panel manufacturers, mining, metallurgy, steel, chemical and oil industries, in Brazil and in several countries.

Founded in 1977, headquartered in the Industrial District of Itajubá, Minas Gerais, BALTEAU has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and has been conquering the world market in a solid and efficient manner.

For this, the company has cutting edge technology and qualified professionals, who have consolidated experience in design, manufacture, electrical tests and technical assistance for Current and Capacitive Potential Transformers up to 550kV, Inductive Potential Transformers up to 145kV and Measurement Sets up to 36kV, with guaranteed international quality, serving the most demanding markets.



Approval of type tests on the 500 kV TPC prototype.

July - 2016

Approval of the type tests of the TC 500 kV at CEPEL - RJ.

July - 2015

Delivery of the first 145kV TPC units to CTEEP and the first 245 kV TPC Purchase Order to CHESF.

October, 2013
Official inauguration of the high voltage plant.
May - 2012

Delivery of the first 69 and 145 kV units to ENERGISA, ENERSUL and SCHNEIDER.

April - 2012

Approval of the TC 245 kV type tests at CEPEL - RJ.

December - 2011

Approval of type tests of TC's and TP's 69 and 145 kV at CEPEL - RJ.

February - 2011

Beginning of the design of the new transformers for high voltage instruments - Products and factory.

August - 2007

Transfer of activities to the new plant in the industrial district of Itajubá, at R. José Fernando Cascardo, 54.

April - 2007

Orteng acquires the BALTEAU brand.

January - 2007

Beginning of the construction of the factory in an area of ​​3300 m² (total area 6580 m²), located in the city of Itajuba.

July - 2006

Orteng acquires the 0.6 to 36.2 kV unit of current and potential transformers from AREVA T&D.

September - 1977

Start of activities in Itajubá (MG) Brazil, under the name Balteau Produtos Elétricos Ltda., In an area of ​​2200 m².


Balteau founded by Mr. Marcel Balteau in Belgium.